Below you will find recommended Beach House rentals and Apartment Rentals in these areas: Seaside Heights, Ortley Beach, Seaside Park, & Toms River as well as the general Jersey Shore area. Great places for families, friends, or groups of any type!

HC-55 Beach Haus

Location, Style, Space. We have found this house to be located at the Center of town with nightlife, waterpark, and Seaside Heights boardwalk all within a block. Stay here for a Seaside Beach House Rental that's good for a group of friends, a medium to large family, or an extended trip with cooking in-unit!

HC-121 Beach Haus

Not to repeat, but HC-121 and HC-55 are just down the street from each other! This Jersey Shore Beach house has options for small to large size groups and both options feature off-street parking (yay!). Best features again include Location, Style, and Space. Either one will fit the bill for any trip!

127 Carteret Beach Haus

When we thing of this place, we think large groups. The units are huge... were talking up to twenty people huge! Located just two blocks to the beach, available Pool facilities, and off-street parking. We liked it very much for that perfect mix of privacy and space that very few places can deliver. Great Jersey Shore House.

Boardwalk Seaport Inn - Apartments

This one made the list due to its location first. On the Seaside Heights boardwalk (its literally at the doorstep)! But not only that, its part of a wonderful hotel with Wi-Fi and comfortable sized (not huge) units. The view is unbelievable from this Jersey Shore Beach House in Seaside Heights. If you can get a deal, book it!

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Some Jersey Shore Highlighted Places

  • "Nice Rooms, Great Staff"

    Days Inn - Seaside Heights / Toms River
  • "Wonderful Ocean View Hotel"

    Boardwalk Seaport Inn - Seaside Heights
  • "Boutique style with comfort"

    Econo Lodge - Seaside Heights
  • "Clean & Comfortable"

    Motel 6 - Seaside Heights / Toms River