Below you will find recommended Jersey Shore Seafood, Italian, Mexican, Sushi, & General Restaurants in these areas: Seaside Heights, Ortley Beach, Seaside Park, & Toms River as well as the general Jersey Shore area. Delicious places to eat at the Jersey Shore for any taste!

Xina Restaurant - Sushi & Chinese

This wonderful restaurant at the Jersey Shore is located on the bay in Toms River. Just five minutes from our recommended hotels, the restaurant serves some of the best Sushi & Chinese food that we have ever tasted. This restaurant was very busy but for good reason, their food is really that good!

Bahama Breeze - Toms River

This restaurant at the Jersey Shore is located near Ocean County Mall in Toms River. Less than 15 minutes from our recommended hotels, the restaurant features a unique blend of Carribean-influenced Seafood, Chicken, & Steak. We enjoyed some amazing recipes and one-of-a-kind drinks that bring you to the Carribean!

Savor Lounge - Restaurant & Sushi

A new lounge with an upscale flavor, the Savor Lounge features an atmosphere that engergizes. During honest hours, it is a great place to enjoy delicous Italian dishes. At night, Savor heats up with a coversion to an upscale Lounge that oozes sophistication and elegance, all in Seaside Heights. Eat, Drink, & Be Merry!

Seaside Heights - Boardwalk Food

The Jersey Shore Boardwalk is filled with interesting foods to try including delicous super-size pizza, cheesesteaks, fried oreos, and so much more! On the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, Food Options are plentiful and are a great place to grab a bite when hunger kicks in. So much, so close to our recommended hotels!

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  • "Nice Rooms, Great Staff"

    Days Inn - Seaside Heights / Toms River
  • "Wonderful Ocean View Hotel"

    Boardwalk Seaport Inn - Seaside Heights
  • "Boutique style with comfort"

    Econo Lodge - Seaside Heights
  • "Clean & Comfortable"

    Motel 6 - Seaside Heights / Toms River